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Poole Twintone and Tableware book
A new book on Twintone & Tableware


The book was successfully launched at Poole Pottery on 25th April 2009. Anne signed many copies to several happy Poole collectors: photos to follow!

What is Twintone?

Poole Twintone set

Poole Pottery (Carter, Stabler and Adams) produced two-coloured tableware from the 1930s, but had to stop production during World War Two. When they re-launched the range in the late 1940s, they named it Twintone. Twintone was used on three shapes of tableware, many table accessories and a whole host of decorative ware right up to 1981.

Identifying Twintone

Not all Poole tableware of the mid-20th century is Twintone, even if it appears to come in two colours. Twintone glazes are described as ‘semi-matt’ or ‘vellum’ because of their smooth feel and soft sheen, and they always come in two distinctive colours. Other glazes used on Poole tableware are sometimes known as Cameo. Cameo glazes have a much higher gloss and are always paired with white. Many Twintone pieces can be identified by the ‘C number’ on their base, which defines the colour combination.


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Left: A matching tea set in peach bloom & seagull (C97)




Poole Pottery
Poole tableware, but obviously not Twintone!

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