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Poole Twintone and Tableware book
A new book on Twintone & Tableware

Table accessories

Table accessories can be anything from cruet sets, cheese dishes, hors d’oeuvres and occasional dishes, to toast racks, ashtrays and candlesticks. All were made in Twintone to match the dinner, coffee and tea services.

Decorative ware

Decorative ware includes not just pots, vases, jugs and bowls, but a huge variety of posy vases, baskets, wall vases, shell vases and the famous yachts. Many of the shapes originated in the John Adams era of the 1930s, but Alfred Read designed a series of vase shapes especially for flower arranging in the 1950s. In the design language of the time, they were known as ‘freeform’, which describes the shape, though sometimes people mistakenly use it to describe the patterns painted on them. Some of the best-known shapes are the wave bowls, made in three sizes.

Twintone Cruet set
A triple condiment set in C57 (ice green and seagull) designed in about 1958




Twintone seashell

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