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Poole Twintone and Tableware book
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Shapes found in Twintone

The two main tableware ranges in which Twintone was produced were Streamline and Contour.

Was the masterpiece of John Adams, a flowing Modernist shape designed in the 1930s and created in a full range of tea, dinner and coffeeware. The original shape had wedge shaped knops on the lids, gently curved handles and rimmed plates. In 1955 Alfred Read, himself a successful and innovative designer, remodelled Streamline, giving it round flat knops and ‘coupe’ shaped plates, as well as the less successful angled cup handles.

Was designed in 1962 by Robert Jefferson. Nothing could be more different from Streamline. Contour had massive angled handles, sweeping spouts and elongated knops. Although tea, coffee and dinnerware were designed, the total number of shapes was fewer, owing to changes in life-style meaning that pieces were more versatile.

Wimborne and Sherborne

John Adams designed two more tableware shapes in the late 1930s, which were revived for a time in the 1950s.

Is usually one of the jewels in the crown of any Twintone collection. The hollowware is ridged and the handles are angled. The knops can be tab shaped, but some pieces were made with flowing wave-shaped knops.

Was designed to be a cheaper option to Streamline. The shape is similar, but simpler, and the glazes were not Twintone, but a high gloss grey-green, called Celadon (named after the Chinese pale green china) or Shell Pink, both with white.

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