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Cameo glazes

The shiny glazes were introduced into the Streamline range in about 1958. The first colours were Celadon and Blue Moon, a deep slatey blue. The early Streamline Cameo pieces were made with white handles and knops. Contour was also made in Blue Moon, and a new glaze, Celeste, which was a pale turquoise. These pieces were coloured all over, but had plain white lids. Robert Jefferson also designed Oven to Table, a cooking-serving range of dishes and bowls, which was also made in Blue Moon, Celadon and a further glaze, Heather Rose. This deep pink was discontinued after a few years, but pieces in Streamline can be found by a diligent collector. Contour also appeared in later years in further high gloss glazes of dark green and bright yellow.

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